Few Suggestions

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Few Suggestions

Post  BCarl on Mon Feb 22, 2010 4:07 pm

Now that I have been going to this gym (Braintree) a few months now, I can comment on my experience so far.
- Great community feel. Everyone is very nice to each other.
- Large free weight area
- People actually re-racking weights....amazing!
- Parking rarely an issue (even though it can get busy from F1 next door).
- Not enough elliptical machines, too many stair climbers.
- Lack of airflow, need more fans.
- Only two water fountains
- No space to stretch or do aerobic exercises especially when classes are held in the baseball court.

- Please number your elliptical, treadmills, etc. This makes it easier for us to tell staff their is something wrong with a machine.
- Get rid of the row (2nd to last, on the right) of (cheap) stair climbers and replace them with elliptical machines.
- Arrange the equipment for more stretching area

I really do think this gym has potential, but these little things will make it matter for everyone!


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